The Hungry Dietitian 101

Let’s begin by reviewing my point of view on a few topics that are important to me.

First, when referring to foods I will use the term “nutritious” as opposed to the term “healthy.”  Why in the world would I do such a thing? Well, it’s simple. Food is meant to be nutritious and bodies are meant to be healthy. We consume good nutrition to optimize our health. So in my world discussions will not refer to foods as “healthy,” only foods that are “nutritious.” This idea was shared with me by a friend and colleague. I remember thinking to myself, “How is it I have never really thought about this? Food and nutrition are my life!” She knows who she is. Thank you, sweet friend, for this gift of realization.

Whole foods is where it’s at with The Hungry Dietitian. I rarely use anything that is “fat free” unless my intent is to lower the calorie intake. Fats don’t scare me. They shouldn’t scare you either. They have a place in a balanced and healthy life. Future discussion, right there! Neither do I indulge in “fake foods.” Do you even know what turkey bacon is made of?? Blech. Don’t get me started. Continue Reading