Scrumptious Pear Salad

Christmas weekend we found ourselves near a Harry & David outlet store. I happen to LOVE Harry & David Royal Riviera pears. So I stopped in and grabbed a box of pears and the best part is that they were on sale! I have thoroughly enjoyed those delicious pears over the last week. Continue Reading

Breakfast feast? Let’s Have Quiche!

At the Hungry Household, breakfast is our favorite meal. We love it so much that we often have breakfast foods for dinner and we call it “brinner.” Savory meats, tender scrambled eggs or ooey gooey sunny side up eggs, soft fluffy biscuits with fresh honey or apple butter, served up with fresh squeezed orange juice, oh my goodness, that is just one example of breakfast heaven! Over the years we have had fun exploring a variety of ways to make pancakes and waffles and will top them with any number of fruits.  Or how about omelets brimming with vegetables and cheese? Mmm, mmm. MMM!!!!  No doubt about it, breakfast is where it’s at! Continue Reading

Lunch: New Ideas Always Welcome

Raise your hand if you often get stuck trying to come up with new ideas for lunch? I typically eat the same thing for lunch each day: salad. While I may try different ingredients on my salad, it is definitely my favorite thing to eat for lunch. I can get in most of my day’s fruits and vegetables in one fell swoop at lunch although at my home, vegetables are a staple with dinner as well and fruits are always available at all hours of the day. Continue Reading