Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Loaf

You all know how it is. You buy bananas to have for the family throughout the week but for whatever reason they aren’t gobbled up as quickly as you thought and suddenly they are brown and overripe. Time to toss them, right? Wrong!  You can throw together some wonderful and delicious foods with those overripe bananas. Peel them and freeze them to use in a smoothie in the coming weeks. Slice them and eat them with ice cream or mash them and mix them into your morning oatmeal, you can even make pancakes with them! Or follow the Hungry Household example and make banana nut bread with them (or muffins)! Continue Reading

Slice of Heaven Pizza

What is a more versatile meal than pizza? I’ll be honest, pizza is sort of my own personal version of heaven. You might as well know now, there will definitely be more pizza posts in the future. It is simply my favorite food. First you start with a delicious yeast dough, add a sauce such as marinara or Alfredo or go rogue and try something less conventional like salsa. Next comes the cheese. Oooooooooh, for the love of cheese. Whether melted into ooey gooey perfection or served up sliced with crackers, cheese is a highly regarded ingredient in the Hungry kitchen. It doesn’t stop there though, how about the toppings? The possibilities are endless!  Continue Reading

Meatballs and Marinara Part Two

Spaghetti and meatballs is probably my family’s favorite meal. Meatballs and a robust marinara need time for the ingredients to cook so the flavors can mingle a bit and produce that deep rich flavor that makes them taste so heavenly. Who has time for that during a busy work week? I sure don’t! So on Saturdays when I don’t have much planned outside the home, I work hard to batch cooking both marinara and meatballs and freeze them to use later. I shared my marinara sauce recipe this weekend, now to share my meatball recipe! Continue Reading

Sweet and Savory Marinara Sauce

Some weekends I am far too busy to meal prep anything complicated for the coming week. However, every once an awhile I find a little extra time and I try to prepare and put back plenty of those more difficult meals so we can enjoy them for weeks to come. Like any family, my fellas enjoy pasta dishes with red sauce. You don’t really think I’m going to feed them tomato sauce out of a jar, do you? There’s no love in that! Continue Reading

Breakfast feast? Let’s Have Quiche!

At the Hungry Household, breakfast is our favorite meal. We love it so much that we often have breakfast foods for dinner and we call it “brinner.” Savory meats, tender scrambled eggs or ooey gooey sunny side up eggs, soft fluffy biscuits with fresh honey or apple butter, served up with fresh squeezed orange juice, oh my goodness, that is just one example of breakfast heaven! Over the years we have had fun exploring a variety of ways to make pancakes and waffles and will top them with any number of fruits.  Or how about omelets brimming with vegetables and cheese? Mmm, mmm. MMM!!!!  No doubt about it, breakfast is where it’s at! Continue Reading

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

Put the words “southwestern” and “peppers” together and my senses instantly perk up. Of course, the word “southwestern” alone brings to mind delicious savory dishes rich in flavor and spices. It may also illicit visions of cowboy boots, long hot days in the sunshine, wide open spaces, and sunsets spilling over with warm colors of gold, burnt orange, purple, and pink. So one would expect the southwestern dinner table to be saturated with color and bold flavors. I’ve got just the thing! But you expected no less from me, correct? Continue Reading

By special request, Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Fall is here and it is time to fill the house with fragrant pumpkin pie spices. The kids are back in school so that also means parents are busy with fundraisers and school events. Last fall my Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes were a huge hit at bake sales, school events, and get-togethers. Recently a loyal follower of mine asked if I would please blog about these delicious cupcakes and share the recipe. So this blog post comes to you by special request!

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Superhero Muffins, cape not included

I’m always on the watch for recipes that are both nutritious and make a great snack for my kids. Bonus points if I can double the batch and freeze for snacks later. Folks, when considering foods for your family look to feed them ingredients that will offer nutrients that will fight for them and do the body good rather than the empty calories found in chips and processed cookies and cakes which provide little more than calories, fat, and carbs. Continue Reading

Better Blueberry Muffins

If you’re going to get to know me then you must know how much I adore blueberries. Not just because they are a nutrition powerhouse but because they bring me back to my childhood.

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Angela’s Hungry Hummus Recipe

Who isn’t always on the search for a great snack food? Something versatile that can be used for both meals and special occasions? One of my favorite solutions for this conundrum is hummus! Hummus isn’t just a great snack food it also works well as a spread in addition to being perfect for lunch boxes, parties, or special occasions such as birthday parties, baby showers, holidays, and so much more.

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