Prom and Graduation 2017

Hi there, friends! I must apologize for my absence. Life got a little wild in April and May as I prepared for a graduating senior. If you still have small children that have not yet graduated high school my piece of advice is: start saving now!!!  I would also urge you to pay for a few massages and pedicures in advance and take the time to use them over the month of graduation. You’re going to need this coping mechanism!

I still cannot believe I am old enough to have a son that has graduated high school and will start college in the fall. I mean, I’m still in my twenties, right? This is insane! He went from my sweet little cherub to a grown man overnight! I’m convinced children are God’s way of distracting us from the passage of time. And what a sweet distraction it is!

**photo credit Olan Mills 1998
**photo credit Evan Sturgill Photography
**photo credit Evan Sturgill Photography

For the record, I see the perks in having boys now that we have experienced prom. Twice. You heard (read) that correctly, my boy went to TWO proms this year as his date went to a different school and they agreed to accompany one another to each of their proms. Thankfully, the formal store we used allowed us a “two weekend rental” in which he wore the same tux with different shirt/tie/vest/pocket square so as to receive a discount. Then we simply had to ensure he had a nice fresh hair cut. Whereas his date had to purchase TWO prom dresses, then hair, makeup, nails, blah, blah blah, money, money, money. TWICE. She was stunning but I feel badly for her parent’s pocketbooks which are likely still smoking from the after affects!

**photo credits Dana Mullins Photography

Our family lives far away in central Louisiana so we were tickled that my parents and my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews were able to make it to help us celebrate. I spent weeks deep cleaning every nook and cranny of our house and getting prepared for my son’s graduation party. It was a wild ride but so much fun! Both the graduation celebration and the nice visit from family.

My son with my parents at high school graduation
My brother, sister-in-law, and nephews with my son at his high school graduation

My son has been involved in track & field since his sophomore year so we spent the weeks following graduation participating in regional and state competitions. He excels in discus and shot put and also the 200m sprint and 4×4 relay.

**photo credit Evan Sturgill Photography
**photo credit Evan Sturgill Photography

I hope you all will forgive my absence. My blog posts are developed on weekends in my spare time and I’ve not had spare time for many many weeks now. I will upload another post later today to let you all know what else we have been up to this summer. And again, if you have small children, start saving now for graduation! It isn’t cheap!

Our senior portraits were shot by the talented Evan Sturgill at Evan Sturgill Photography.

Prom photographs for my son were shot by the talented Dana Mullins at Dana Mullins Photography.

Check them out if you are in search of someone to take care of your photographic needs!