The Hungry Dietitian 101

Let’s begin by reviewing my point of view on a few topics that are important to me.

First, when referring to foods I will use the term “nutritious” as opposed to the term “healthy.”  Why in the world would I do such a thing? Well, it’s simple. Food is meant to be nutritious and bodies are meant to be healthy. We consume good nutrition to optimize our health. So in my world discussions will not refer to foods as “healthy,” only foods that are “nutritious.” This idea was shared with me by a friend and colleague. I remember thinking to myself, “How is it I have never really thought about this? Food and nutrition are my life!” She knows who she is. Thank you, sweet friend, for this gift of realization.

Whole foods is where it’s at with The Hungry Dietitian. I rarely use anything that is “fat free” unless my intent is to lower the calorie intake. Fats don’t scare me. They shouldn’t scare you either. They have a place in a balanced and healthy life. Future discussion, right there! Neither do I indulge in “fake foods.” Do you even know what turkey bacon is made of?? Blech. Don’t get me started.

There are no “diets” in the world of The Hungry Dietitian. Diets have a beginning and an end. Living a healthy lifestyle should be a day-to-day routine without end. Some days will consist of the best decisions, some days will consist of the not-so-great decisions.  It is imperative to understand and accept that the not-so-great days are part of the journey and it is normal. It does not mean failure. It does not mean you “fell off the wagon.” It does not mean you should give up. This is a difficult concept for some people. Start slow and get accustomed to new changes before adding new ones. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

No foods are off limits. Foods that are off limits are more tempting. I allow myself to eat anything I want but I am accountable for my choices. Foods fall into three different categories in The Hungry Dietitian world; foods that I eat daily, foods that I eat on occasion, and foods that I eat rarely. That “rare” category is reserved for very special occasions and would not typically happen more than once or twice per year. Those “occasional” foods are the ones I eat a few times per month but not daily, such as Alfredo sauce (my husband makes the BEST homemade Alfredo sauce) or pizza. Then there are foods I eat daily such as a variety of fruits and vegetables, cheese, olive oil, eggs (these may not be every day but they are regular for me), nuts, grains, etc. I’m not a vegetarian. I do eat meat but not necessarily daily.

No more body shaming. I’ve had enough. It is not healthy to feel ashamed of who you are, to feel like a failure. Honestly, this is very likely the most beneficial step you will take if you are on a journey to change your lifestyle and achieve weight loss. Step outside of the mindset you have had all these years. Leave it behind you. Embrace the magnificent person you are meant to be. One of the best things I have ever done for my health is see a counselor. I explained to her that I needed help examining my relationship with food. I needed help getting in my own head and sorting through all the garbage society has drilled into my head over the years. I also admitted to myself that I needed help learning to cope with stress and anxiety. I recognized that I reached for food as a band-aid for these issues and I wanted that to stop. Still, my journey began once I had enough of feeling ashamed of myself. I’ll say it again, no more body shaming. Now you say it. I want you to SAY IT… “No more shame. Time to start seeing myself as beautiful and worthy.” Did you say it?

Mindful eating. This is a major cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long term. I assure you mindful eating will be discussed further here in the future. It is one of my favorite topics as it has been incredibly beneficial to me in many ways. I have learned much from it.

Exercise. Regular exercise. Excuses not accepted here. Exercise shouldn’t always feel like work, it should also be enjoyable. You’re more likely to adopt is as part of your routine if you enjoy it. You will often hear me talk about Jazzercise which is my favorite cardiovascular routine of all time. People ask me, “Is that exercise like dancing?” Yes, indeed! So fun and a great  workout! You can expect a full blog post on Jazzercise very soon. I won’t stop there though. I am always searching for new and enjoyable ways to burn a few calories with my family. From hiking to trampoline parks, we like to have fun with exercise! Paddle boarding is another passion of mine which will clearly be another post!

As for my blog and website, I expect to post at least twice per week sometimes more on weeks when I have additional time. Very likely more often during winter months when I am trapped inside due to cold temperatures and snow. I plan to write about nutrition and exercise, healthy lifestyle choices and how to manage stress, as well as to share recipes as often as possible, and so much more. My youngest son is seven years old and he is eager to help me prepare, cook, and taste test recipes. He knows all about my plans for this blog and website and he is excited along with me.

This Hungry Dietitian also loves photography. I took photography in college as my art elective and I’ve dreamed of exploring more. So I’m very excited to learn and grow photographing food. It probably won’t be stellar work in the beginning but hopefully it will be fun seeing me learn and grow in this art! I’ve been reading more lately about food photography and searching for props and backgrounds. It has been a lot of fun and I’m ready to get started!

I’m a dietitian so that means I will make perfect choices, right? Wrong! Don’t come here expecting that every choice I make will be perfect or that every choice I make will be one you agree with. I have a solid understanding of the science involved in nutrition and digestion but I’m as human as anyone. I love good food and some days I’m just too busy or too tired to exercise. I’m not afraid to share that. I’ll always do my best to be real with you.

This website and the opportunity to write and share with you all is another dream of mine. Those who know me best have watched me search for years for the perfect domain name and for that domain name to be available for purchase. This domain name showed up in my life at just the right time but then things had to be put on hold for various reasons. Now here we are ready to get this party started! I am ready to grow and learn in this area of my field but even more so to share with you all and to inspire and motivate any and all who are ready for a change.

Now buckle up and get ready for the ride!


  1. Shannon Mullins

    Hey girl! I am so excited about starting on this journey with you. You have done such an awesome job at losing weight and keeping it off. You are such an inspiration to me. I gained back about 35 pounds, and now I need to work even harder at getting it off. I have a total of about 40 -45 pounds to lose, and desperately need your help. Thanks for starting this blog. Miss & love you ♡

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