You Might Be A Jazzercise Nerd if….

  1. You’ve ever heard a pop song on the radio and you immediately start going over the Jazzercise routine to that tune in your head. Props if you demonstrated said routine to your family.
  2. You know your instructors well enough to know their favorite artists to work out to. Hello? Georgie Porgie and Adam Levine!
  3. You look forward to spending Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day working out with your Jazzercise tribe. No worries, your Valentine will wait patiently while you shower and get beautiful for dinner… following class, that is.
  4. You’ve ever scheduled a hair appointment or any other appointment around your Jazzercise class. In fact, you carry a calendar for this very reason. What?? Don’t judge me!
  5. You know exactly what time you have to be at Jazzercise class in order not to lose your spot. Days when you are behind may illicit a complete state of panic if there is any chance of losing said spot.
  6. You regularly refer to your Jazzercise workout as your “Happy Hour.”
  7. You are convinced that during a workout when your instructor shouts things like, “Get lower!” “Don’t lean forward, sit into your heels!” “Tummies tight!” that she must be speaking directly to you. Therefore you straighten up and comply. Obviously!
  8. You know exactly what the phrase, “Single single double” means.
  9. Your first thought when you feel a sore throat coming on is, “NO! I can’t miss Jazzercise!”  You stage a vitamin C intervention immediately.
  10. You hear a catchy new song on the radio and can’t wait for it to be introduced into a Jazzercise routine!


**Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. If you find yourself offended in any way I suggest you find the closest Jazzercise class and work out your frustrations immediately.


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